The spectrum of martial arts ranges from Boxing to Tai Chi, taking in everything in-between from Karate to Tae kwon do. Different forms of fighting and self defence have emerged out of different societies around the World. What are the most difficult and easiest to master?

The Easier

Kick boxing
A good basic martial art for beginners to fighting, It utilises the whole body and is growing in popularity when other codes of fighting are struggling to attract new devotees.

In its simplified form it is often the first introduction for people hoping to learn a martial art.

Tae Kwon do
Korea’s gift to the World. If anyone is interested in taking up a martial art then Tae Kwon do could well be the one for you.

Tae Kwon do is mostly about kicking in a wide range of intricate moves and combinations. Having Strong legs is a vital aspect of proficiency.

Its commitment to self defence can be summed up in the student mantra of “I shall be champion of freedom and justice to build a better and more peaceful world.”

The difficult

Karate is all about speed of thought and movement. It requires a great deal of patience and dedication to learn the series of set movements or Katas.

It is exceptionally difficult to master, but relatively straightforward to learn the basics in order to defend yourself from any would be muggers.

From the antiquities of Imperial Japan Karate remains just as relevant and effective in the 21st century.

Tai Chi
Many of us practice Tai Chi more for its health and spiritual benefits rather than as a martial art. What many of us do not realise is just how devastating a force a master practioner of Tai Chi Chuan can be.

Perhaps the most complex of all fighting forms Tai Chi is about harnessing the full force of body and soul.

Being Western in origin Boxing is often not considered to be a true martial art to the same extent as many of the Eastern disciplines. However Boxing is an exceptionally difficult art to master.

Boxers must train solidly for years to toughen up their bodies to withstand brutal punishment. Unlike other forms of fighting Boxing is entirely centred around the fists. Much of the training is about strengthening fists and bodies.

Boxing is possibly the most difficult Martial art to rise to the top of as the number of practicing boxers around the world is so large. To be the best requires exceptional natural talent, guile and determination.

Boxing is not for the faint hearted. Only consider taking up boxing if you are prepared to take some physical punishment.