If you’re wondering how people get away with killing people, this article is for you. Dragonanswers likes to spread positive, helpful and happy messages to assist you in your busy, complicated daily lives.

Assisting people in the act of murder isn’t really top of our list of priorities, but when we were asked this question, we simply had to answer – not because we want to encourage murder, but because we wanted to explore how likely it is that you could get way with murder, in our high-tech modern world.

Disclaimer: Don’t actually murder, or attempt to murder anybody. Dragonanswers doesn’t condone it, no court in the world condones it and above all else, murder is the ultimate act of inhumanity.

If you really get the urge to kill somebody, take it out on a computer game bad-guy, or on a punch bag – your anger will pass much faster than a life sentence!

Do people get away with murder?
They certainly do, although it’s pretty difficult to provide the names of the people who do, precisely because they’ve never been identified.

Every year, around the world, murders go unsolved, meaning the perpetrators never face justice for their crimes. Over the decades, these unsolved crimes stack up in unclosed police files, unless new evidence comes to light or somebody connected to the initial inquiry forces the police to reinvestigate.

Then there’s the murders committed by rogue Governments, militias and historical war criminals such as Nazi Leaders or Rwandan Generals, many of whom got away with genocidal crimes because they fled or hid behind the regimes under which they served.

The Killing of Benigno Aquino in the Philippines stands as a live example of a now defunct regime, that of Ferdinand Marcos, succeeded in getting away with murder, having covered-up a political assassination that perfectly served their interests:

In present day Cambodia for instance, many of those responsible for killings under the regime of Pol Pot, have entirely escaped their crimes and live side by side with families of their victims.

Sometimes we do find out about murders which have gone unsolved for decades, indeed, the increased acceptance of genetic forensic evidence in courts has led to a surge in previously unsolved cases being re-examined and even brought to justice.

How do people get away with killing people?
First off, there’s luck – perhaps the police miss vital evidence, or fail to follow up a vital line of enquiry. Sometimes murderers manage to escape the scene or even the country, before they are brought to justice.

Other ‘lucky’ killers simply slip away because nobody connected to the victim cared enough to make their case a priority, as can often be the case for victims who are homeless, live alone or apart form mainstream society.

Then there’s skill, and whilst it might not be nice to label a killer ‘professional’, it is a sad reality that there are many professional, highly skilled killers working as hired, gang-member or secret-services assassins. Their methods will vary, but their job depends on an ability to kill a target with stealth and precision, leaving no trace to themselves or those who have hired them. So more than often, when we ask ‘how people get away with killing people?’, the answer is money.

Can a killer really escape their crimes?
Escaping justice is one thing, but escaping your crimes is another matter altogether. For those with any semblance of conscience, the mind can deliver a nagging justice of its own.

Even the most cold blooded of professional killers must occasionally look back and feel guilt at their actions – and many killers will spend their lifetime in deep regret and shame, even to the extent that they step forward and admit their crimes, belatedly, rather than continue with a life sentence of guilt.