Love them or hate them, these metal boxes of joy have established themselves in our homes, offices and lives in the way that radio or television had before. But with so many smaller devices competing for our attention (and wallets), does the home PC still have a role to play?

With the increased uptake of netbooks, laptops and more recently, tablet devices – you might think there’s no role left for that big whirring box in the study, in fact the reverse is true.

As we depend on digital more and more, our homes are increasingly centred around the home pc, with smaller computing devices, like phones, laptops and even our TVs relying on a constant flow of data from our home pcs and attached media storage.

The home PC should also be capable of performing heavy duty tasks that smaller devices still cannot manage. Anybody who has built websites, edited sound or movies, or played graphic-rich games will continue to demand a powerful and stable machine.

Put simply, a high specification PC, will eclipse any portable device in capability and performance. Well built PCs, made with quality components can last for years, providing a stable platform for storing media as well as day-to-day web browsing and office applications.

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