It is an idea that has obsessed many for a century. Aliens. Could aliens have ever visited Earth? Are Aliens living amongst us? Would we even want to encounter extra terrestrial life?

Alien sightings
There have been thousands of reports of alien sightings and abductions over the last half century. The phenomenon of crop circles have appeared all over the world.

There are numerous strange sightings of UFO’s hovering in the skies above our cities. Could any of these sightings be genuine or can all be explained as being hoaxes?

Why here?
Most of these sightings have been spotted in the USA. A disproportionate amount of alien encounters have been in more isolated communities in the USA.

Many of these alien encounters have also resulted in anal probing. Quite what aliens could deduce from anally probing American farmers remains perhaps a bigger mystery than whether alien life has indeed visited Earth.

Why no proof?
Various space programmes spend fortunes on sending out satellite signals deep into the universe to listen for signs of life and for others to hear us.

So far nothing has been detected or got in touch with us. This could simply be that the distances are so vast that no life form’s messages have yet been picked up.

It could take thousands of years for messages to reach us. It could even be that intelligent life has observed us from afar and does not like the look of our planet.

Do we want to know?
Do we even want to encounter extra terrestrial life? If there is a species somewhere in the Universe capable of space travel and using satellite technology, the chances are that they would be far more advanced and quite possibly less benevolent than we are.

If we were to meet they might not come with the best of intentions and would want to take over the planet.
Perhaps then we should not advertise ourselves to the world, as the anal probing of farmers could become a mass movement.

There are many things in life which can’t be fully explained. This does not therefore mean that the unexplained is alien life. In all likelihood Aliens are not regular visitors to planet Earth, neither are we descendents of aliens.

Perhaps one day we will encounter another life form somewhere in the Universe. It may well look a lot like us, it may be utterly unrecognisable.

For now though we can only speculate so aliens visits remain in the realm of science fiction writing and movies, which is probably for the best.