Our closest friends know us as well as our families, we love spending time with them, some make us laugh and some make us smile – yes we all love our friends but is it possible for friends to become lovers?

If you’re wondering whether you should ask a friend if they ‘feel the same’, you’ll know how difficult a dilemma this one is.
Dragonanswers explores the risks, rewards, rational and romatic side of friendship turning to romance romance:

1. The Risks
If you’ve been a close friend to somebody for a long time, suggesting that you start a romantic relationship might risk your entire friendship. They could react in horror, having never thought of you as more than a friend and struggle to deal with your suggestion.

Worse still, if you do start a relationship with a friend, the risk is that the relationship changes the dynamics between you, doesn’t succeed and leaves you both minus a friend and a lover. You might also find that your other friends react strangely to the new status of their newly loved-up mates, let alone a bit worried about what might happen if things go wrong.

2. The Rewards
If you do start a relationship and things turn out well, you’ll always look back and think ‘I’m glad I read paragraph two of that dragonanswer in 2011′ – seriously though, if a strong friendship turns into a wonderful loving relationship you’ll probably feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.

Relationships that start as friendships can be successful because both parties are aware of the other person’s individuality, probably some of their background and a few of their secrets and lies – the very things that other couples have to explore and share as they get to know eachother in the heat of romance.

3. The Rational
Tread carefully: Even if you think all the signs suggest your friend might share your desire to try a new kind of relationship, it doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly.

This is probably not the time for overblown gestures – instead wait until your next alone, enjoying yourself and ask ‘I reckon we could make a pretty good couple – what do you think?’ – gauge their response, if it doesn’t seem warm, just laugh and make light of the situation.

4. The Romantic
Sometimes magic and wonder are staring us straight in the face: You could look for the perfect person all your life while never considering the possibility of a relationship with a close friend, even if you think they’re attractive.

But if you seize the day and give romance a try, you might just find your ‘old friend’ becomes your ‘new flame’ – maybe they’ve been thinking the same things as you?